This is just some a-town REPRESENTIN' brand images introducing you to our community site! This section will feature people who take pride in where they are from and represent this brand !

The origin of A-town REPRESENTIN' Brand is my brain child. After wearing and supporting so many brands faithfully for years. I desperately wanted something to call my own. I got the idea from my favorite clothing store in Downtown ( Fulton Mall) Brooklyn , NY. Back in 1994. Their store logo and branding was the classic script lettering (Cursive Writing). They also sold store brand t-shirts with this lettering. I bought a few of them.

A-town REPRESENTIN' is powered by (APAM) Atown Promotions Advertising Media. We celebrate 25 yrs in business this year! We also have our APAM merchandise available for sale here on our online store. We have hats, full zip hoodies t-shirts etc.
People here in Allentown, Pa would always compliment me our our APAM gear and they said, that you should do an "A-town / Allentown merch clothing brand ! I said ...that's a great idea! So I got with my graphic designer at the time and gave her an example of want I wanted and after a couple revisions the logo was exactly how I envisioned it!

Just to think back in 1994 all I wanted was just to have a few A-town shirts for myself to wear! I wasn't thinking of making it a brand for the masses! So last summer after sitting on the design for a year I decided pulled the trigger and got four dozen t-shirts screen printed all different sizes so I could also accommodated possible female prospective customers. The first colorway we got to set off this A-town REPRESENTIN' Brand was navy we call it 'OG NAVY BLUE" ! I appreciate everyone's interest and continued support of this brand. Thank you!


Jermaine Warren





A-Town REPRESENTIN' Brand Advertising Images

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This is just some user generated a-town REPRESENTIN' brand content introducing you to our community site! This section will feature people who take pride in where they are from and represent this brand!








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